About ASC

Science, optimization, applied structures which are congruous with pure principles and globalization fact, along with changing environment which is changing with human evolution and noble ideas. All of which is shaping processes and groups of our kind.
The group’s vision is improving the conceptualization of science in one hand, and also it’s applications on the other in the struggle of Scientism.
With respect to fast trend of current changes in the globalization field and lack of enough time for coordinating and matching innovative ideas with necessary structures, organizations, groups and individuals must try to provide these ideas for smaller manufacturing parts along with big enterprises. Although our group is not generally an exception from this overall structure, but in part, it is not the same. Since it is looking to find the best ways of presenting ideas and reforming the structures for researchers, students, masters and institutions, NGOs and public organizations, all of which are eager and hopeful for being part of the history of this trend and field and new changing structures.
ASC Team